Testimonials from guests and residents:

What our guests say:

“Anawim means acceptance, love and trust.”

“Brings an atmosphere of best wishes, hope and a listening ear”

“Feeling a part of a community, not like cattle like other organizations.”

“We are encouraged to advance so that doors can open for us”

“Refuge from the cold reality of the streets”

“Restores dignity because we can be individuals”

“Opportunity to help cook a homemade meal”

“Relating with others with a common goal”

“Good companionship”

“Able to feel emotions”

“With no family it feels good to belong to this family”

“Have learned to accept everyone who comes here as family”

“Wonderful staff who help guide us onto solid ground”

“Wonderful nutritious food”

What our residents say:

“When at a crossroad in my life I needed a place that could be many things to me. I found that in Anawim. A clean and sober residence, where I feel safe to start on a new path. A place where I can begin to heal and practice new healthier life skills. A place where I can help, through daily chores and food preparation to lending whatever help I can to our outreach guests. Anawim House and the staff have given me the opportunity to start over. I have hope for the future now and unattainable goals are now within reach. Thank you to all who help support this home, it has given me something I thought I would never have……. ANOTHER CHANCE AT LIFE.”

“The big blue house and what it means to me:
An arm around your shoulder when so far you’ve walked alone
A kind voice in your ear just to say that it’s okay
A gentle reassurance when the fear gets too hard to bear
A small island called stability in a sea of insecurity”

“This house is very important it brings the best in people and me. A new life when I felt like I was at the end of my rope. They tied a new rope around me to help save me and give me a chance on a new life. I can see more clearly now. They are my family when I don’t have any. I once was mad now I’m glad. So I thank God and you so much for this chance.”

What is the difference between “Guests” and “Residents”?:

We use the terms ‘residents’ and ‘guests’ to differentiate between the people we serve in our day program – the guests of the house – and the people who live at Anawim House – the residents.

In keeping with our values and beliefs, we also use the term ‘family’ to describe both those who are currently making use of our services and those who have used our services in the past and are now living happy, healthy independent lives.