Elliot’s Story (Volunteer)

“If someone just gets a job without addressing the underlying problem, they will be really unhappy and hate that job and return to drinking or drugs or whatever they were doing before. The idea that a job is the answer and then it will all fall into place is absolute nonsense.”

Joe’s Story (Resident)

“I was saying I need a roof over my head. I didn’t realize I needed more. Being homeless, there’s no value to anything you do.”


Jack’s Story (Resident)

“Community is the biggest extinguisher of addiction. That as well as having a human connection and feeling heard. I feel connected to people here and I feel like people care about me here.”


Shane’s Story (Drop-In Guest)

“I have to ask my doctor whether I can work. [I come here in] phases/intermittently because I go through patterns, depending on where I’m at physically. I’d rather work but I’m not able to when…”


Natalie’s Story (Volunteer)

“I’m always surprised to see their smiles. They always have a nice word to say… they live in difficult situations so it’s good to take back to your own life. If they can smile, I can smile.”