You Can Help

Volunteer Positions / Internship Positions

Anawim is looking for permanent and casual volunteers to fill various roles. We are a not-for-profit society that places helping those that are less fortunate as it’s primary goal. We provide meals, showers, laundry and a place to call home for people on a daily basis, while in a sober environment. We are currently entering our twenty-fifth year and with that are looking to step up to the challenge of providing more services, programs and assistance to Victoria’s most vulnerable population. We need your help…

We depend heavily upon our volunteers to make the unique environment of Anawim work. Whether you are looking to volunteer once a month, once a week or to do a full-time internship, we want to hear from you. Below is a list of immediate needs that we have; however, we are open to hearing about your skills and what you could bring to the home:

Greeting, cleaning, yard work, qualified counselling / therapy, art classes, computer workshops, women’s programs, men’s programs, literacy instruction, job search assistance, cooking classes, yoga classes, physical fitness instruction, nutritional courses, peer support, maintenance, tech work, clothing room organizer, food stock organizer, volunteer coordinating / recruiting, community engagement, marketing and honestly…the list could go on.

If you would like more information please email us at


Society Membership

Membership in the Society, renewable yearly at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), at a cost of $10.00, entitles you to vote at the AGM. Society membership is an important way you can contribute to the governance of Anawim House, while remaining connected to new updates. Society Members may also be invited to serve on board committees, and may consider joining the board if they feel so moved.